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The degree program in Political Economy is open to students from all academic backgrounds and walks of life. It is designed to meet both applied liberal arts and professional needs. Its aim is to provide the knowledge and skills needed by students and employers in the new era of globalization and global governance. The overall objectives of the degree program include the following:

  • To make accessible to both beginning students and professionals in Canada and globally a high quality academic program designed to understand and engage with transformations in political economy at the level of the national Canadian State and the global community.
  • To provide both beginning students and professionals the opportunity to develop knowledge of global political and economic issues.
  • To provide students the opportunity to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the world's polities, economies, cultures and regions.
  • To prepare students of Canadian Studies for Canada's leadership role in the North American region and the global community.
  • To make retooling skills accessible to professionals and to provide an academic credential necessary for successful employment in an era of globalization.
  • To build linkages between AU and other institutions of higher learning committed to the study of political economy.
  • To build linkages between academic learning and the applied political and economic policy communities in government, private sector and voluntary and non-governmental sectors.

Disclaimer: If there are any inconsistencies between the information contained in these web pages and the University Calendar, the information in the University Calendar prevails.

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