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Degree Requirements

The overall requirements for the B.A. major in Political Economy is outlined below.

Degree Outline

B.A. major in Political Economy:

Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

Requirements in addition to the general program requirements for the 4-year BA with Major:

  1. 60 Political Economy major credits outlined below including a minimum of 36 senior (300 or 400) level credits from major courses (a minimum of 12, 400-level credits).
  2. 15 credits in required core courses.
  3. 21 credits in one of the two Political Economy areas: Global Political Economy or Canadian Political Economy.
  4. 12 credits from the designated elective Political Economy major courses.
  5. 12 credits from the Political Economy designated elective program courses in Communications (CMNS), Global Studies (GLST), Governance (GOVN), History (HIST), Information Systems (INFS), Labour Studies (LBST), Industrial Relations (IDRL), Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST), and Indigenous Studies (INST).
  6. Students may transfer in a maximum of 30 credits of courses applicable to the requirements of the major.

Course Categories

The Core courses provide students a solid grounding in the disciplines constitutive of political economy, including politics, economics and integrative courses in political economy. The courses in the Focus Areas firmly ground students in fundamental areas of the new political economy (e.g. government, trade, investment, information, environment, and development). 

The Elective courses provide interdisciplinary breadth and depth to this applied liberal arts degree program. The overall flexible structure allows students to be skilled further in "cultural studies" broadly conceived, social policy and social theory. The Elective Programs are based on the view that to have a solid foundation in political economy, students must have some academic depth in history, labour studies and "diversity," particularly given the changing demographics of the Canadian polity and global community and the workforce.

The Unspecified Options enable students with accredited University Certificates or College Diplomas to transfer those credits into the degree program.

Disclaimer: If there are any inconsistencies between the information contained in these web pages and the University Calendar, the information in the University Calendar prevails.

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