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Intellectual and Employment Benefits

Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills

In addition to the high standards of the University, students of Political Economy @Athabasca University will benefit from the intellectual and practical experiences structured into the program. Students completing the program will acquire or further develop their knowledge base and skills.

  • Students will be encouraged to develop both depth and breadth of knowledge in the area of Political Economy, as well as overall critical thinking skills.
  • Students will acquire generalist and specialist knowledge of the theories of Political Economy.
  • They will be able to critically access challenges that are transforming the public and corporate sector as well as civil society and the local and global levels.
  • They will develop a working knowledge of local and global political and economic ideas, practices, policies, processes and institutions.
  • They will come to understand the dynamics and needs of a globalized and increasingly knowledge-based society and economy.
  • Successful graduates will be able to compete successfully and confidently in world class organizations.
  • Graduates will develop effective skills for leadership in government, the private sector or non-profit and voluntary sector.

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