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Athabasca University

Political Economy and Lifelong Learning

We live in a world that is shaped by lifelong learning, one that promotes learning organizations and knowledge workers. In such a world students need to be open to diverse learning and adaptable to change both in educational expectations and employment opportunities.

This program will be of interest to students who want an applied liberal arts degree that will give them flexible educational and employment options in the future. The degree prepares Canadian and international students for employment in diverse fields but, more important, it prepares them with the recognition that workers can expect frequent changes in employment over their years of employment.

Thus, the program will be of interest to students from, or interested in going into, a variety of backgrounds, including the following:

  • Students seeking a liberal arts degree with applied public policy relevance.
  • Public sector and private sector professionals whose careers require retooling with an understanding of the interplay of politics, society and economics on Canadian public policies within the context of the new global political economy.
  • Private sector professionals interested in understanding globalization and the implication for Canadian small businesses and corporate sector.
  • International students and Canadian private sector professionals interested in pursuing business initiatives in the global marketplace.
  • Students seeking employment in the public sector or non-governmental (NGOs) sectors.
  • Students seeking employment in foreign affairs, international governmental organizations (IGOs) and international businesses.
  • Postdiploma students who want additional professional credentials.
  • Students who hold an AU Certificate in Administrative Studies, Labour Studies, Labour Relations, Environmental Studies, Native Studies, Accounting or other areas.

Political Economy students at Athabasca University are encouraged to participate in professional organizations both to enrich their academic knowledge and to hone their professional skills. These organizations and professional associations also provide useful links to job and other professional opportunities.

See Employment and Further Study for more information.

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